Fast, Defensible Enterprise Data Collections

Our goal is to create an effective, cost-efficient and secure collection process that satisfies all requirements.

DSi’s experienced digital forensics experts are trained in the proper techniques and procedures to collect your electronically stored information, ensure data integrity and preserve Chain of Custody.

We have different ways we can gather information and offer four primary methods of acquisition:


Predictable Cost Forecasts and Data Security

Our proprietary Intake process ensures complete data security, preserves Chain of Custody and validates the integrity of electronic media. It also provides a view of your fully extracted data at the very outset of the project.

This early knowledge helps with case strategy, cost assessment/cost forecasting, filter creation, workflow management and more. You can determine up front, based on factual information, what data should or should not be processed, saving both time and money.


Powerful ECA and TAR Solutions

According to an early 2012 study released by the RAND Corporation’s Institute for Civil Justice, only 19% of all discovery costs come from technology spending and 8% is attributable to the collection process. The remaining 73% goes to attorneys’ fees incurred during document review.

It’s our mission to decrease review costs by using our powerful DSinsight tools, allowing you to leverage the latest algorithms and computer technology in reducing data sets before review.

DSinsight arms you with detailed information about your data to:

  • Provide transparent, defensible processes
  • Assist with case strategy, cost assessment/cost forecasting and filter creation
  • Streamline workflow
  • Increase recall and precision
  • Ensure accurate terms, yielding optimal results
  • Lessen risk
  • Create a more constructive review process
  • Reduce overall eDiscovery cost

Powerful Review Tools, Scalable Workflows

At DSi, we take the time to understand your project, no matter the size, so we can ensure that your document review will happen securely and efficiently. We work with you to help determine the review method that best meets your needs and time frame, taking into account the multiple high performance web review platform options at our disposal and our ability to create customized workflows.


Customizable Enterprise Support Solutions

Our company has built its reputation on our superior customer service and project management. We set out to ensure that our clients are fully satisfied with their experience. However, we don’t stop there; we continue to seek ways to improve our processes and methods, while committing to personable, direct attention.

This whatever-it-takes approach extends to our technology roadmap, enabling our firm to stay at the forefront of technological developments in our industry, as is evidenced by such offerings as Cross Matter Management, Predictive Coding, Early Data Assessment and Smart Sampling. It also allows us to provide such capabilities as detailed reporting and information governance.

Our approach assures that we remain agile enough to meet tight deadlines and continually increase our efficiency so that we can provide clients with the most value for their money.

Our Client Services team is available for you 24/7/365.


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